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• The six minutes and twenty-two seconds you take to watch this video might change your future, and your children's future.

• Discover a natural healthy remedy and food that no household should be without and why. Hint: It's made from coconuts.

• Official medical and governmental agencies from the U.S., Brazil, and most of the world affirm that the only preventive measures effective against dengue are elimination of the vector, or carrier mosquito, and protection against being bitten, such as by mosquito netting, repellent, etc. Dr. Dreux, however, has had extensive experience with the prevention and treatment of dengue with a simple, inexpensive homeopathic remedy.

Coconut oil health benefits have been know for hundreds of years in traditional cultures in tropical regions of the world. Many cultures have used coconuts and coconut oil not only as food, but also as a source of health and healing.

How Natural Health can help you

In a groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of Washington identified three things they believe people will need in order to be able to eat well in the future: education, money, and time. (ABC News December 19, 2007)

It would be difficult for me to provide you with money (although I wish I could) or time (that would be great too). And even if you have money and time, but lack true health education, you stand a strong chance of not finding the natural wellness you seek.

On the other hand, armed with knowledge and understanding, along with common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism about widely accepted medical mindsets, we believe it is possible to compensate for lack of abundant finances and time to achieve better health.

That’s where we hope we can make a difference: by making available to you reliable information to help guide your health and lifestyle decisions. You need to be able to find strategies that will work for you and help you find your way to natural health in today’s unnatural world. And you need information to do it.

We’ll share the processes we have used to develop our own strategies for natural health remedies and healthy lifestyles that are affordable and doable.

Natural Health Remedies and Strategies offers you here the fruit of our own personal search for health and well-being. We share it with you in the hope that you can benefit from our research and investigation – and from our mistakes too!

So let’s get started! Just scroll down until you find a natural health remedy that interests you.

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People have been using fiber to cleanse their digestive systems for centuries. Today, this fiber can be combined with soothing and stimulating herbs to create a gentle yet thorough cleanse that will jumpstart digestion and promote body detoxification.

Thyroid Protection after a Nuclear Accident
In light of recent events in Japan's nuclear reactors, thyroid protection is the single most important thing you can do.
Radiation Protection Recommendations - Practical Steps You Can Take Today
Practical steps you can take today - radiation protection recommendations for you and your whole family.
Natural Health Strategies Blog
Natural Health Strategies Blog is your place to get the latest news here on our site.
Natural Health in the News
Here's the Natural Health in the News page where you can read the latest and most up-to-date health news.
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You'll find our favourite natural health resources listed conveniently by categories.
Natural Health Friends
Natrual Health Friends is where we share our friends with you.
Natural Health Strategies
Sustainable natural health strategies and reliable, up to date information on health issues. Find it all here.
Vacina contra gripe: Leia antes de tomar
Oito perguntas que para responder antes de receber ou dar a sua familia qualquer a vacina contra gripe, ou qualquer vacina.
Como Proteger a Tireóide de Material Radioativo
A luz dos recentes acontecimentos em reatores nucleares do Japao, proteger a tireoide e a coisa mais importante que voce pode fazer.
Noticias em Portuguese sobre Saude Natural
Noticias sobre Saude Natural em Portugues
Saude Natural em Portugues
Informacao sobre saude natural em portuguese.
Natural Health News
Find natural health news summarized and organized so you can find it when you need it.
Environmental Working Group
Environmental Working Group's petition to stop government financing of Big Agro's pro-toxic pesticide campaign
What in the World Are They Spraying? Video
The video is "What in the World Are They Spraying?" This investigative film digs into the question of "Who is doing this and Why?"
Teens Happier, Healthier, More Alert with a Little Extra Sleep
Teens happier, healthier, more alert with a little extra sleep. Half-hour later school start time translates into significant benefits for teens.
Natural Cancer Cures: An Interview with Charlotte Gerson
Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson, explains natural cancer cures as well as the oppression again cancer cures. Interview conducted by Mike Adams.
Ketogenic Diet: First Do No Harm, the Movie
This excellent movie about the ketogenic diet and treating epilepsy will move you to tears and inspire you to participate in medical decisions.
New Disinfectant Danger Discovered:The Germs Fight Back
Newly proven disinfectant danger is another reason to ditch your chemical disinfectants and antiseptics and replace them with natural cleaners.
Teenage Depression
Teenage depression is linked to inadequate sleep, according to Dr.James Gangwisch, leader of a study on the influence of sleep on depression in adolescents.
10 Benefits of Family Meals -- So Much More than Food
Better communication, healthier habits, and better grades are a few of the benefits of family meals. What else can eating together do for your kids?
Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus in Food Court Spreads Christmas Joy
Flash Mob Hallelujah Chorus in food court at mall spreads Christmas joy. How will you spread joy this Christmas?
Kids Learn Farming
Kids learn farming and have fun growing, nurturing, harvesting, and preparing their food from the ground up at this Minnesota summer camp!
Natural Health Education Videos
These health education videos have been selected to provide you with good, verifiable information to help you make your natural health strategies successful.
Vitamin C Info VIDEOS
Watch for free vitamin c info videos here. Make informed decisions regarding your health and well being.
Dangers of Fluoride Video with Paul Connett
Professor Paul Connett, Your Toxic Tap Water explores the dangers of fluoride. Everything you've every wanted to know about fluoride.
The Dangers of Fluoride - Lowering the Recommended Levels
Concerns of the dangers of fluoride forces U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to announce plans to lower the recommended level of fluoride in drinking water.
The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson
"The Fluoride Deception" by Christopher Bryson claims that the post-war campaign to fluoridate drinking water was less a public health innovation than a public relations ploy.
Fluoride Effects
Can fluoride in your water cause brain damage, thyroid problems, brittle bones, and arthritis-like pains? Watch this video to find out some effects of fluoride.
Fluoride Lawsuit: California Water District Uses Unauthorized Drug Illegally
Fluoride lawsuit sues Southern CaliforniaWater District for illegal use of unauthorized drug. Do you want fluoride in your water?
Reversing Diabetes - Naturally, in 30 Days. You've got to watch this film.
Reversing diabetes naturally is the focus of Reversing Diabetes Action Day, the 25th of April.
World Diabetes Day Celebration with Raw for 30 Days
World Diabetes Day: Raw for 30 Days special celebration offer.
Flu Vaccine Questions and Dangers
Need help finding answers to your flu vaccine questions? Here are resources and information you need as you make vaccination decisions.
No Pharma Liability for Vaccine Damages Says Supreme Court
Supreme Court removes last bit of pharma liability for vaccine damages. Barbara Loe Fisher video explains how you lose and vaccine manufacturers gain from this decision.
NVIC Educates about Vaccines with New Online Video Series
Online videos from NVIC educate about vaccines. This video has information you should know before vaccinating your child, as well as if you suspect an adverse vaccine reaction.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield Interview Video on Accusations of Fraud
In this Andrew Wakefield interview video, Dr. Wakefield explains clearly why the British Medical Journal's accusations against him are false.
Vaccine Dangers in Wonderland
The truth about vaccine dangers revealed through the eyes of Alice in Wonderland.
The Ineffectiveness of Vaccines from a Historical Perspective
Scientifice resources documenting the ineffectiveness of vaccines.
The Mad Hatter Syndrome: mercury and biological toxicity
Discover what Mad Hatter Syndrome has to do with modern dentistry.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC case
Dr. Andrew Wakefield GMC case has spurred numerous autism organizations to issue statements supporting him and offering insight into reasons behind the case.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the General Medical Council: Compelling Courage
Andrew Wakefield, his courage, and the real meaning of the recent General Medical Council (GMC) ruling against him, spoken of by Barbara Loe Fisher in a short video.
Did Witnesses against Wakefield Lie in GMC Proceeding?
False testimony at Wakefield GMC proceeding alleged in formal complaint filed with the GMC. Did the prosecution's witnesses against Dr. Andrew Wakefield lie?
Andrew Wakefield's New Vaccine Study
Is Andrew Wakefield's new vaccine study comparing health outcomes of vaccinated and unvaccinated primates the real reason he and his previous work are being smeared?
Pandemrix and Narcolepsy Link Confirmed
Finland grants compensation to young victims of Pandemrix-caused narcolepsy after encouraging parents to vaccinate.
Coconut Oil Health Benefits
Coconut oil health benefits have been know for hundreds of years in traditional cultures in tropical regions of the world.
Heart Disease Prevention: Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Heart Health!
What you need to know about heart disease prevention using virgin coconut oil. Find out the benefits of this healthy oil.
Healthy Cooking Oil: Virgin Coconut Oil – Absolutely the best.
Find out why virgin coconut oil is the best oil you can use for your healthy cooking oil and why it's the only cooking oil we use.
How to Make Chocolate at Home with Virgin Coconut Oil
Healthy, homemade, and yummy! How to Make Chocolate shows you all you need to know to prepare this simple, easy, and adaptable coconut oil recipe.
Enjoy Healthy Chocolate Made at Home
Healthy chocolate recipe and tips for making your own exquisitely delicious, yet extremely simple homemade chocolate.
Natural Dengue Treatment
Knowing about natural dengue treatment is important. Read this to find out what you need to know about how to naturally treat dengue.
Swine Flu Homeopathic Treatment, An Interview with Dr. Ana Teresa Dreux
Swine Flu: Homeopathic Treatment Explained by Dr. Ana Teresa Dreux, Vice President of the Hahnemann Institute of Brazil.
Vaccine Safety Questioned by Top Doctors and Scientists
Vaccine Safety? Are vaccines today more dangerous than the diseases? Are vaccines even effective?
Vaccine Dangers Videos, H1N1 (Swine) Flu
Vaccine dangers videos in response to declaration of national emergency by President Obama.
Swine Flu Vaccine Videos: What to Do If You Are You Forced to Take the Flu Shot
Swine flu vaccine: Fifteen pracetical things you can do to protect your immune system from damage. You won't want to miss these important natural health videos.
Tamiflu side effects serious in children
Tamiflu side effects in children are serious. Researchers say antivirals do more harm than good, barely reduce flu transmission, and should not be routinely given to children.
Flu Vaccine Safety: Studies Show They Are Unsafe and Ineffective.
Watch this uncensored presentaion about flu vaccine safety including a visual depiction of flu vaccine production.
Swine Flu Vaccine Safety Health Alert: Where Is the Proof of Safety and Effectiv
Swine flu vaccine safety is an important issue in a declared national public health emergency. Find the information you need to make informed decisions.
Colony Collapse Disorder: Recent Study Suggests Cell Phone Radiation May Be Caus
Colony Collapse Disorder: Recent Study Suggests Cell Phone Radiation May Be Cause
Cordless Phone Radiation Affects the Heart
Cordless phone radiation from DECT phones affects the heart. Double-blind study to be published soon is explained simply in short, easy-to-understand 6-minute video.
Cell Phone Dangers for Children
Cell phone dangers for children and unborn babies must be addressed if we are to advert a health emergency of enormous proportions.
Cell Phone Cancer Warning
A Maine legislator wants to make the state the first to require cell phones to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer.
Cell Phone Safety
The best cell phone safety recommendations we can find. Practical recommendations and suggestions to help protect you and your family.
Cell Phone Dangers: Another Wake Up Call
Cell phone dangers are real and could cut short your life. Prolonged use of mobile phones could double the risk of malignant brain tumors.
Mobile Phone Danger - Australian TV
News from Australian TV: Mobile Phone Danger. Experts and researchers clearly show the dangers of cell phone use.
Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age
Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age by Tillion has important information for cell phone users.
Cell Phone Safety Presentations
Cell Phone Safety presentations are a fantastic source of information about how to protect you and your family from EMR.
Cell Phone Dangers (videos)
Learn from the experts about cell phone dangers and what the cell phone industry doesn't want you to know.
Cell Phone Dangers News
Here's where you, our readers, can share your cell phone dangers with the world.
The Dangers of Soy
The dangers of soy are many and they are real. Read why what you don't know may not only hurt you, but may kill you.
Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods: Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about
Dangerous genetically modified foods may make you sick. Studies link GMOs with toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, & death.
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Is SBI Magic?
Is SBI magic? Find out how you can build your business with the help of the most successful site building program in the world.
Define Better
Chill EB's rap Define Better tells it like it is with an eye-opening song about the drugging of our children by big pharma.
Make Oat Milk at Home with This Easy Recipe
Looking for a healthful alternative to cow’s milk? Learn how to make your own oat milk. It’s simple, inexpensive, and can even help you lose weight!
One More Girl, the documentary about Gardsil Dangers
Two brothers tell the stories of girls who have taken Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, touted to fight cervical cancer.
Healing Cancer World Summit - 2011
Free online Healing Cancer World Summit with some of the top natural health professionals today.

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