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The childbirth videos that follow will hopefully contribute to others finding the true joy and blessing in natural childbirth. The health consequences of medical interventions are not necessarily healthier options.

Throughout the centuries, childbirth was just a natural part of life and was not looked on as a medical procedure or problem. Childbirth is the joy of womanhood and the inheritance that peoples all over the world looked forward to. Quite a change from today's standards.

These videos are absolutely beautiful. If you have thought about having a home birth but haven't quite decided yet or don't know if you would even want to try this, please watch these beautiful home videos that show the joy, love, warmth and beauty of natural home deliveries.

Natural health begins before conception, continues through pregnancy and delivery. Being sure you childbirth if natural and healthy for you and your baby is an integral part of natural health and should be a part of your natural health strategy if you are going to have children.

We hope these videos will help give you a glimpse into what other mothers are doing to bring their children into the world naturally.

The Miracle of Dylan Michael

This if one of my favorite childbirth videos. It shows the natural progression of the belly over the months leading up to the natural delivery. The mother is so radiant and the atmosphere in the room is clearly seen in the photos. What a wonderful way to bring a child into the world.

Wonderful Homebirth

This beautiful and moving video lets you peek into the joys and beauty of natural childbirth and feel the warmth and unity it can bring to the whole family. Having a baby is a beautifully uniting experience and is absolutely the very best way to bring your child into the world.

Joshua's Birth (final version!)

Here's a video someone brought to our attention that clearly shows the beauty and simplicity of natural home births.

Here's what the Joshua's mother has to say about the video:

Josh (baby no 2) born on his father's birthday (I am already in labour at our little afternoon tea party).

He was born at 21:05 weighing 3.6kgs in a birthing pool on our boat using Hypnobirthing. My labour was practically painless except for two brief moments which you can see if you listen closely. I felt completely relaxed and in control of my own labour. I had only been in the pool for 25 min when he was born taking everyone by suprise. Nobody suspected it was so close as I was so calm. I have no idea how dilated I was as the midwife never got round to checking me :)

I wish the same experience for birthing mothers everywhere.

We will be adding more videos regularly. If you would like us to post your childbirth video, please contact us via our Video Submission Form below.

Recommended Sites for Information about Natural Childbirth

At Natural Birth and Baby Care you can find up-to-date information to help you prepare for your home delivery. You'll find everything you need at one handy site.

Another site that we have found very useful is Giving Birth Naturally where you can enroll in an online course to fully prepare yourself for your natural childbirth.

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