Coconut Oil And Weight Loss -
What's the Connection?

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If you find it hard to believe that coconut oil and weight loss can go together, read on.

This “cow experiment” helps show how the modern oils we’ve been taught to use help make us fat (and not just because of their caloric content), while coconut oil actually promotes weight loss, making it a smart weight loss strategy.

You can read about my own personal experience with virgin coconut oil and weight loss to learn more about how coconut oil worked in my life and how it worked in my wife's life.

Below is an excerpt from an article by Ray Peat who has a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oregon, with specialization in physiology. [Physiology is the branch of biology dealing with the functions and activities of living organisms and their parts, including all physical and chemical processes.]

1940s Cow Experiment:

In the l940s, farmers attempted to use cheap coconut oil for fattening their animals, but they found that it made them lean, active and hungry. For a few years, an antithyroid drug was found to make the livestock get fat while eating less food, but then it was found to be a strong carcinogen, and it also probably produced hypothyroidism [deficient activity of the thyroid gland] in the people who ate the meat.

By the late l940s, it was found that the same antithyroid effect, causing animals to get fat without eating much food, could be achieved by using soy beans and corn as feed.

Later, an animal experiment fed diets that were low or high in total fat, and in different groups the fat was provided by pure coconut oil, or a pure unsaturated oil, or by various mixtures of the two oils. At the end of their lives, the animals' obesity increased directly in proportion to the ratio of unsaturated oil to coconut oil in their diet, and was not related to the total amount of fat they had consumed.

That is, animals which ate just a little pure unsaturated oil were fat, and animals which ate a lot of coconut oil were lean.

Source: Coconut Oil by Ray Peat

Coconut Oil Contributes To Weight Loss!

It’s clear from this experiment that coconut oil is not good to use if you want to make cows fat. It’s also clear that coconut oil contributed to weight loss in the cattle.

Now, the really good news--coconut oil appears to affect us humans in the same way if we need to lose weight! Adding virgin coconut oil to your diet is a valuable natural health strategy that can not only help you lose weight, but can also improve your overall general health and immune system function.

Coconut oil affects the metabolism positively. It helps our bodies burn fat better and more effectively, as well as utilize food we consume for energy, health, and repair. Coconut oil and weight loss are compatible.

You can see from this article that it’s not necessarily a good idea to trust blindly in the food industry to have your best interests at heart. They are mostly motivated by greed and their bottom line is their profits, not your health.

Please take note that soybeans and corn caused the same antithyroid effect in the cows as the antithyroid drug! We will be posting on this site more information about the negative effects soy and corn can have on health.

For now, suffice it to say that these two foods are not as good for us as the food industry (including the health food industry, in the case of soy) wants us to believe. Eliminating them from your diet is a very good natural health strategy.

The Coconut Oil and Weight Loss Connection!

The cows fed coconut oil in this experiment became “lean, active, and hungry”. There’s a direct relationship between consuming coconut oil and weight loss.

The more coconut oil consumed, the more weight was lost. (Notice that they lost weight even while eating more than the cows fed corn and soy, or corn and soy oils.)

There was also a direct relationship between the consumption of vegetable oils (soybean, corn, and others) and weight gain. The more unsaturated vegetable oil the cows consumed, the more weight they gained. Could corn and soy and their oils (and maybe even the meat from the animals that consume them too) be part of the cause of the obesity epidemic?

Corn and soybeans are everywhere in our food supply! Read the label of almost any processed food, and you’ll find corn or soy or their derivatives. But, as we said, more on that later.

Eat Well without Gaining Weight: Every girl’s dream!

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat till you're satisfied and enjoy your meals and not gain weight? Well, it looks like you can! Remember, coconut oil and weight loss go hand in hand.

Adding virgin coconut oil to your diet is simple and delicious.

It can help regulate thyroid function and metabolism, as well as improve your immune system and general overall health! As shown in the experiments explained above, there is a direct relationship between consuming coconut oil and losing weight.

Consume the best oil available and take advantage of all the benefits of virgin coconut oil and weight loss may be easier than you think.

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