Coconut Oil Benefits
What's In It For You!

Accounts of coconut oil benefits abound in traditional cultures as well as in scientific studies and literature.

We are listing some of these benefits individually, though in reality coconut oil’s beneficial effects are interrelated because the essential fatty acids found in virgin coconut oil affect the body on a cellular level.

Including coconut oil in your diet can produce beneficial changes throughout the whole body and its amazingly intricate, interdependent systems.

Once you find out about some of its health-building qualities, we think you’ll come to the conclusion, as we have, that eating good quality coconut oil simply makes sense.

Coconut oil...

  • Promotes heart health

  • Promotes healthy cholesterol balance

  • Promotes weight loss if you need it. If you find it hard to believe that coconut oil and weight loss can go together, read on. This experiment confirms traditional wisdom for using virgin coconut oil for weight loss strategies.

  • Has a mild delicate flavor (I love it!)

  • Is highly stable and therefore has a long shelf life

  • Is resistant to heat, making it the healthiest oil for cooking: Find out why virgin coconut oil is the best oil you can use for your healthy cooking oil and why it’s the only cooking oil we use.

  • Contributes to increased energy levels

  • Promotes healthy immune response to bacterial, viral, yeast and other fungal infections, including Candida

  • Supports immune system function and reduces risk of autoimmune diseases

  • Supports normal functioning of the thyroid gland

  • Provides an immediate source of energy because it is easily digested and very efficiently metabolized

  • Stimulates healthy metabolic function

  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption, thereby promoting general good health

  • Works as a protective antioxidant

  • Supplies important nutrients necessary for good health

  • Contributes to healthy bone density

  • Promotes soft, smooth skin and naturally shiny hair

Even if you choose to use coconut oil for the specific purpose of losing weight or regulating your cholesterol levels, you will, in the process, also increase your potential for greater overall health and well-being.

We may never totally understand all the benefits of coconut oil and the processes through which it promotes health in our bodies, but we can appreciate and enjoy its effects.

Incorporating coconut oil in your diet is a very simple way to obtain multiple health and beauty benefits.

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