Dengue Fever Is Making a Comeback

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dengue fever prevention We are now in the middle of a dengue fever epidemic that has left many dead and many more sick and in pain.

Just a few days ago I received the following e-mail, which should be very encouraging to those of you looking for a natural dengue treatment or a way to avoid dengue altogether. The message details homeopathic natural health remedies for the prevention and treatment of both dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

Since I received this email at least third hand, and there are so many things flying around the internet that at times it’s hard to know what’s true and what isn’t, I felt constrained to try to confirm the authenticity of this document.

I confirmed that the author is currently vice-president of the Instituto Hahnemanniano of Brazil. A homeopathic pharmacy affirmed that this formula is currently being sold for dengue treatment and the related purposes given below. I was also able to speak with Dr. Dreux, the author of the e-mail, and she has kindly offered to answer questions regarding these natural dengue fever treatments.

God bless this dear woman, who is selflessly concerned about doing whatever she can to help others avoid the suffering of dengue fever, which is so painful that it’s been nicknamed “break-bone fever”.

Here is the text of the e-mail from Professor Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux:

Homeopathy can help combat Dengue!

Nine years ago, when I was president of IHB (Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil), some homeopathic colleagues and I were summoned to the Municipal Department of Health of Rio de Janeiro by a doctor who worked in the homeopathy department of the Department of Health. She asked us to create a formula or to suggest a medicine that could help in the treatment of dengue fever. I then created a homeopathic formula which is being used by both myself and other homeopaths for dengue treatment and prevention.

The formula is as follows:


Just take this formula to a homeopathic pharmacy and they will know what to do. The formula can be made in globules (sacarose), tablets (lactose), or drops (alcohol at 30%) at ANY HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY. Include next to the components of the above formula your choice of:

  • globules 12g, or
  • tablets 12g, or
  • drops 15ml.

This formula should be used for DENGUE PREVENTION in the following manner:

Take 3 globules or tablets or drops ONCE A DAY while the epidemic season lasts. This formula can be taken by adults as well as children of any age, except that children should not use the alcohol-based drops. The globules or tablets should be slowly dissolved in the mouth.

For babies, the mother can dissolve 2 globules in a teaspoon of water to facilitate administration of the medicine. If the baby is UNDER 3 months old and is being breast-fed, the mother can take 6 globules before nursing, since the effect will pass to the child through the mother’s milk.

Pregnant women can and SHOULD use this formula.


IT SHOULD BE USED FOR THE TREATMENT OF DENGUE or even a suspected case of dengue, as follows: Take 3 globules (or tablets or drops) every two hours and then, as the symptoms improve, BEGIN SPREADING OUT THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE MEDICINE TO ONCE EVERY THREE HOURS AND THEN ONCE EVERY FOUR HOURS, etc., UNTIL COMPLETE REMISSION OF THE SYMPTOMS.

In the innumerable cases that I have treated, the disease evolves mildly and resolves itself without getting worse or leaving sequelae, (secondary consequences).

So far, with those patients who have used this formula as prevention, there have not been any cases of infection, at least not reported to me.

I distribute this formula every year to all the personnel at IHB during the periods of epidemics and since I began doing so, not one of the approximately 22 employees has contracted the disease, not even those who live in areas where it is endemic.

In cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) or even suspicion of DHF (that is, platelets below 150,000), particularly in the case of children, ADD THE FOLLOWING two medicines to the above treatment:

PHOSPHORUS, 12 CH, 4 globules or tablets or drops taken in the morning; and

CROTALUS, 12 CH, 4 globules or tablets or drops taken in the evening, until the platelets return to normal (150,000). DON’T STOP TAKING THE OTHER FORMULA. ACT QUICKLY.

In the cases I have treated, the platelet count RISES surprisingly quickly.

The alcohol at 30% is indicated for patients who can’t use sugar (diabetics). Take it with a little water. It’s obvious that for children, the tablets are better. Use the globules for anyone who is lactose intolerant or allergic to milk.

You can use externally a cream made of Ledum palustre as a repellent. This works quite effectively without causing allergies. This is only to be used if you absolutely CAN’T use repellent.

ANY HOMEOPATHIC PHARMACY can prepare these medicines.

It’s a good idea to take vitamin B complex. The American soldiers in Vietnam used this as it leaves a smell on the skin that chases away mosquitoes. Also vitamin C is good, as it strengthens the immune system and collagen.

There’s a formula for children called Teragran Jr. that has both vitamins.

Like everyone, deeply emotionally affected and shocked by what has been happening lately, especially in relation to children and pregnant women, I decided to publish my humble experience with dengue fever prevention and treatment.


Of course homeopathy does not DO AWAY WITH or INTERFERE with the obligatory medical care in these cases, nor should we neglect to eradicate the vector (the Aedes aegypti mosquito) by eliminating its breeding sites.

Good luck. I ask that you get this message out to as many as you can and want to.

Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux, Professor
CRM no. 52.33019-0, Livre Docente e Profa.
Adjunta de Clínica Homeopática da UNIRIO,
Vice Presidente do Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil

Telephone at IHB: Country code 55 (21) 2507-5329

Natural Health Strategies' Comments:

Using natural health remedies is not only economical, but is often the best option. Please be sure to read the above information very carefully. If you do have any questions whatsoever about these natural remedies or about dengue fever, please don't hesitate to write us through our contact page.

It’s important to note that if your intention is dengue prevention, rather than dengue fever treatment, then you only need to use the first remedy. If you suspect DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever), it’s important to have a blood count done so you can determine the dosage requirements and progress.

As Dr. Ana Dreux mentions in her message, these homeopathic remedies are not to replace or do away with any necessary medical services.

The prospect of one of our children having to suffer through dengue fever can be unnerving. Yet an important factor in a situation like this is to keep a positive attitude towards health, healing and protection. Consider this as part of your dengue fever treatment strategy.

Our emotions can negatively affect our bodies so that we become more susceptible to disease. As the Bible says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” And in another place: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.” So include in your natural health strategies a plan to be positive and full of faith. It’s vital to your health. For me, this includes prayer for protection, as well as thankfulness.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Bible verses that has comforted me in times of trouble, especially when I was very worried about my children. “There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Psa. 91:10 & 11 Wishing you all the best!

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And remember, prayer and faith work wonders. Never leave God's miraculous power to heal and protect out of the picture!

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