"Enriched" Foods: Depleted and Toxic Besides!

Do you eat "enriched" foods such as corn flakes? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people do.

Dr. Tom Levy, noted researcher, cardiologist, and author, writes: "In today's modern supermarket, it is very difficult to avoid packaged foods that are labeled as being 'enriched.'

"Indeed, just about the only sure way to avoid such adulterated food products is to purchase just fresh fruits and produce.

"To be fair, modern food processing has made a significant contribution to the wide dissemination of foods to populations that would otherwise have a great deal of difficulty in feeding themselves.

"However, as the evidence presented below will demonstrate, 'enriched' foods are not only very depleted foods, they may well make significant toxic contributions to many of the people who eat them on a regular basis."

To better understand the implications of what you are about to watch, please see Dr. Levy's Health E-Bytes Issue No. 4.

Watch This Video Before You Eat Your Next Bowl of Corn Flakes

(Duration: 00:07:47)

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