Food as Medicine

One Man's Journey Back to Health and Life

Food as Medicine is Jerry Brunetti's informative and educational video lecture explaining his experience with terminal Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer. In 1999 he was given six months to live, yet he didn't submit to conventional cancer treatments but rather chose to change his diet in order to strengthen his immune system and is living a healthy, productive life today.

Although this lecture is rather long, (3 hours), it is well worth the investment in time. So pull up a comfortable chair and relax as you invest in your future and of those you love.

You may also find it helpful to have a pen and notebook handy to write down ideas and thoughts that come to you as you listen. Thoughts that seem so clear in the moment have a way of getting foggy the next day.

Food as Medicine - Part 1

Food as Medicine (Jerry Brunetti, 2005) 1of2

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Food as Medicine - Part 2

Food as Medicine - [Part 2 ]

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Food as Medicine - Part 2

We recommend this video series you can access below. This link provides you with a free trial so you can see what is in the program.

Food Matters - Learn from the World's Leaders in Nutrition and Natural Healing

You'll discover why the US (and most of the world) is losing the "war on cancer" started in 1971 by then President Richard Nixon; what the results of billions of dollars poured into research has to offer; and what the real causes of cancer are.

The four major cancers that the "War on Cancer" focused on, lung cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and prostate cancer, have not had any significant advances in their treatment in spite of having spent over 200 billion dollars, published 1.56 million scientific papers and 30 years of research. What's wrong with the cancer research? "The model sucks" say those involved with the research.

You'll also hear how tumors don't kill cancer patients and what actually are the major causes of death in cancer patients. It's not usually the principle cancer that actually causes death. Find out what does and why.

For those of you who like to read directly from the source, you can download the pdf file here of the article "Why We're Losing The War On Cancer" by Clifton Leaf that Jerry Brunetti refers to at the beginning of his lecture.

This Eco-Consultant Found Solid Alternative to Chemotherapy Battling Lymphoma

Eco-consultant Jerry Brunetti received word that without aggressive chemotherapy treatment he would be dead in as little as 6 months from lymphoma. He opted not to travel that route, and instead has embarked on his own journey seeking advice, treatments, alternative protocols, and hands-on care from a wide variety of sources.

The result has been depth of understanding that is almost beyond compare, steady improvement in his own overall health, and a marked reduction in the size of the affected lymph nodes. Oh, and he’s still alive.

The interview is reprinted from Acres, USA, A Voice for Eco-Agriculture, May 2002.

You can download the interview here. Right click and save as. It's a pdf file.

In the interview you'll find Jerry's lists of foods to eat as well as those not to eat.

He also includes in his "Supplement Arsenal", his list of supplements. Then there's his Glutathione Builders and the T-Cell Tonic. And of course, there's Jerry’s ‘Poten-Tea’ herbal teas for antibacterial, liver cleansing, and lymph and blood cleansing purposes.

It's detailed, but well worth the read if you're battling serious health issues or are serious about increasing your general health and strengthening your immune system.

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