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• Official medical and governmental agencies from the U.S., Brazil, and most of the world affirm that the only preventive measures effective against dengue are elimination of the vector, or carrier mosquito, and protection against being bitten, such as by mosquito netting, repellent, etc. Dr. Dreux, however, has had extensive experience with the prevention and treatment of dengue with a simple, inexpensive homeopathic remedy.

Coconut oil health benefits have been know for hundreds of years in traditional cultures in tropical regions of the world. Many cultures have used coconuts and coconut oil not only as food, but also as a source of health and healing.

How Natural Health can help you

In a groundbreaking study, researchers at the University of Washington identified three things they believe people will need in order to be able to eat well in the future: education, money, and time. (ABC News December 19, 2007)

It would be difficult for me to provide you with money (although I wish I could) or time (that would be great too). And even if you have money and time, but lack true health education, you stand a strong chance of not finding the natural wellness you seek.

On the other hand, armed with knowledge and understanding, along with common sense and a healthy dose of skepticism about widely accepted medical mindsets, we believe it is possible to compensate for lack of abundant finances and time to achieve better health.

That’s where we hope we can make a difference: by making available to you reliable information to help guide your health and lifestyle decisions. You need to be able to find strategies that will work for you and help you find your way to natural health in today’s unnatural world. And you need information to do it.

We’ll share the processes we have used to develop our own strategies for natural health remedies and healthy lifestyles that are affordable and doable.

Natural Health Remedies and Strategies offers you here the fruit of our own personal search for health and well-being. We share it with you in the hope that you can benefit from our research and investigation – and from our mistakes too!

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People have been using fiber to cleanse their digestive systems for centuries. Today, this fiber can be combined with soothing and stimulating herbs to create a gentle yet thorough cleanse that will jumpstart digestion and promote body detoxification.