The Natural Treatment of Dengue with Homeopathy Can Help Relieve Symptoms of Dengue Fever!

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The following article shows the importance of trying a natural treatment for dengue and alternative medical services. Here in Brazil, at least one city health service has had the courage and vision to try homeopathy and is giving it a chance.

Homeopathy Can Help Reduce the Symptoms of Dengue Fever, City Health Secretary Says.

April 1, 2008

Débora Xavier Reporter for Agência Brasil

Brasília - Symptoms of dengue fever can be lessened with the help of homeopathy, if the disease is diagnosed early enough, says Arnaldo Almendro Mello, Health Director for the city of São José do Rio Preto (SP).

"The specific homeopathic remedy for dengue shortens the time the symptoms of the sickness are present. Especially in the beginning phase, we can observe the symptoms are lessened quite a bit. Sometimes the person doesn't even present any symptoms," he said.

Homeopathic natural treatment of dengue is one of the alternatives offered at the city's first aide stations. "Patients have the option of being treated with homeopathy or with allopathy. They can even use both if they so desire. Those that don't believe in homeopathy do only the allopathic treatment," he said.

The possibility of treating dengue with homeopathic remedies came about in 2007, when in the region of São José do Rio Preto, 12,000 notifications and close to 10,000 confirmed cases. "We knew that Cuban doctors had treated dengue with homeopathic remedies and had obtained optimal results. We also had the experience of a pediatric homeopath who treated her patients who had symptoms of dengue with success." he affirmed.

Arnaldo Mello reaffirmed that the reports that he had from the treatments used in Cuba were that it was possible to considerably diminish the hospital time as well as the hemorrhagic symptoms of the disease using homeopathic natural treatment for dengue.

"It's obvious that at no time do we stop actively trying to prevent dengue. Homeopathy is just one more resource, just that. But it could have contributed, especially considering that this year’s numbers are absurdly less that last year. Up until now, we only have had 30 cases in the whole city," he said.

He admitted that he doesn't have conclusive studies about the effectiveness of homeopathy used in the case of dengue. "We are still gathering data from people who used the natural homeopathic remedies to see if we can come up with the numbers. This isn't easy to do because in the case of homeopathy, the scientific method is different than allopathy. Homeopathy doesn't follow the same methodology.

Natural Treatment for Dengue Can Prevent Symptoms!

"We believe that, in some cases, the individual may not even present any symptoms, in the case of taking the natural treatment for dengue before any symptoms appeared. But we don't have the data on this yet," he stated.

The director reminded us that, at the time when homeopathy for the treatment of dengue was offered in the public health services, there was a big discussion between the city government and the state health department. "They didn't believe in this kind of homeopathic intervention in the case of dengue. We reached the point of a legal battle to be able to continue with this program. We had the support of the Minister of Health and we continue to offer this service."

Because of the controversy that arose because of this treatment, the doctors fought back by continuing to prescribe the homeopathic natural complex. Arnaldo added that the resistance to the homeopathic treatment reached even higher levels when it was announced that the program using homeopathic natural treatment of dengue would be expanded, and this caused confusion. For him, there was a false impression that only homeopathy would be able to contain the dengue epidemic.

"The local press ended up broadcasting that it was a homeopathic vaccine. It's not anything like that, we never used that word. What we affirmed is that homeopathy, in the case of it being used early enough in the suspected cases of dengue, is able to reduce the symptoms," he concluded.

Natural Health Strategies' Comments about Homeopathy’s Natural Treatment for Dengue:

It's clear that homeopathy is not offering a vaccine in the conventional sense of the word. Whatever you may want to call it, homeopathy offers relief from symptoms, shortening of the duration of the disease and in the case of taking the remedy early enough, possibly avoiding any symptoms at all. Call it a natural treatment for dengue if you like, but for me that includes it’s usefulness in preventing the disease as well.

What if homeopathy really can be used preventively, who would make money off of it? Certainly not the big pharmaceutical companies. Maybe that's why it's so important to be sure no one calls the homeopathic natural treatment for dengue a vaccine.

We'd be wise not to quibble over what we call the treatment but to recognize the value to the patient in preventing sickness, pain and in many cases, avoiding death.

This natural health remedy that homeopathy offers in the natural treatment of dengue can help you and your family avoid the pain and needless suffering that dengue can cause.

Even without complete statistical analysis of the results of the homeopathic natural treatment of dengue, the doctors involved, the ones who actually treated the patients, have all confirmed that this natural treatment of dengue works. It shortens the period of sickness or totally eliminates the symptoms all together.

Be wise and become informed about your options. Be prepared with the information you need to help prevent dengue before you or your children get sick. You don’t have to be dengue’s next victim. Learn about homeopathic’s natural treatment for dengue.

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