Natural Treatment of Dengue with Homeopathy

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Natural treatment of dengue with homeopathy includes using homeopathic remedies for prevention of dengue.
natural treatment of dengue

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Ana Teresa Doria Dreux, who is vice-president of Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil as well as Professora Adjunta. at the Homeopathic Clinic of the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most highly respected universities in the state - UNIRIO.

Official medical and governmental agencies from the U.S., Brazil, and most of the world affirm that the only preventive measures effective against dengue are elimination of the vector, or carrier mosquito, and protection against being bitten, such as by mosquito netting, repellent, etc.

Dr. Dreux, however, has had extensive experience with the prevention and treatment of dengue with a simple, inexpensive homeopathic remedy.

Ed for NaturalHealthStrategies: Does homeopathy have a vaccine or homeoprophylaxis [the use of homeopathic medicines for specific disease prevention] for dengue fever?

Dr. Dreux: Prevention is not a vaccine in which you inoculate the individual with an attenuated virus or bacteria.

In the prevention of dengue we use homeopathic medicines selected according to criteria that cover all or almost all the different symptoms that occur in different individuals in the course of an epidemic, in this case, dengue.

The same medicine that we use to prevent dengue is used in the treatment, giving the doses [in the case of someone who already has dengue] more frequently, and then lenthening the intervals between doses according to the improvement in the symptoms.

How can I be sure of this? By practical clinical experience during many years of observation and treatment of various acute and chronic diseases, including dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

Does this natural treatment for dengue work? I can assure you that it does, and that it is very effective.

How do Homeopathic remedies protect you from coming down with dengue? Would you mind explaining how this remedy protects me and my children from getting dengue? I mean, some people say that homeopathic remedies only work because of the placebo effect—in other words, in this case, you don’t get sick, just because you believe that you won’t.

Dr. Dreux: It's not a question of believing or not. Homeopathy is not a religion. It's a science. In Brazil it has been a medical specialty of therapeutics since 1980. It is taught as an elective subject in many state and federal medical universities and in three federal universities it is part of the required program of study.

Note of interest from During the 1855 cholera epidemic in Rio de Janeiro, out of the 388 cases that were treated with homeopathy, there was a mortality rate of 2%, while the allopathic infirmary had a mortality rate of 40 to 60%. Is it true that everyone who gets bitten by a mosquito carrying dengue will come down with dengue?

Dr. Dreux: No. It's estimated that for every case of dengue, there are 100 cases of people who have the virus, but don't actually get sick. This means that certain people have natural immunity to the disease. Are there any precautions that should be taken regarding giving this remedy to children for prevention of dengue?

Dr. Dreux: This homeopathic remedy for the prevention of dengue has been used on innumerable children without unfavorable reactions. However, there have been a few cases of skin rash that I thought might have been caused by the remedy, so I suspended it. The symptoms were gone within twelve hours.

In any case where a rash or red spots appear, stop the medication immediately and verify at a hospital if the child has dengue, which sometimes begins with a rash or red spots.

1) If it is NOT dengue, suspend the preventive treatment. The rash or red spots are a sign that the child is sensitive to the remedy and that he or she doesn't need to take it, and shouldn’t take it. In these cases, with whatever doses the child has already taken, he or she has acquired some immunity, which means that if he or she were to contract dengue, it would most likely be in the less severe form, and not be dangerous.

It's imperative to do a blood analysis to see if there is a drop in the blood platelets (the blood cells responsible for coagulation) and the leucocytes (the blood cells responsible for immunity).

The average platelet count is from 150,000 to 550,000 for children and from 150,000 to 450,000 for adults. The average leucocyte count is 5,000 to 10,000 for both children and adults.

If the platelets drop below 100,000 it could be DHF (dengue hemorrhagic fever); sometimes the platelet level drops to as low as 3,000, in which case it is very dangerous and the patient needs to have a platelet transfusion. This kind of situation is very dangerous and requires blood analysis twice a day.

2) If it IS dengue, resume taking the same medicine used for prevention, but more frequently: every two hours then every four hours, and so on, depending on the intensity of the symptoms.

3) If the platelet count drops below 140,000, begin to take the other two medicines for dengue hemorrhagic fever as indicated, while also continuing to take the preventive medicine.

Of course you should always go to the hospital if you have dengue, even though you are taking the homeopathic treatment. Dengue is a dangerous disease that sometimes requires blood and/or platelet transfusions and often intervenous hydration. Doctors are required to notify public health authorities.

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natural treatment dengue aedes 02 OK, so it’s fine for children to take this remedy, but what about pregnant women? Can they take it? And if so, are there any restrictions or precautions? What about right before or right after giving birth?

Dr. Dreux: Pregnant women should take the preventive medicine. Dengue is very dangerous for babies and can be fatal. As we are beginning to see, dengue can cause diseases in the unborn child.

The pregnant mother can take the preventative formula. If, by some chance, the mother stops taking the remedy for a few days, that's not a problem.

The only contraindications are those I explained in the answer to a previous question, and that answer goes for adults as well as children.

Note of interest from There are approximately 144,000 mosquitoes for every person on earth. (Smithsonian National Zoological Park) Can nursing mothers and their babies can take the preventive medicine? As I understand it, the ingredients in the homeopathic remedy would pass through the mother’s milk to the baby. Is that OK? And what about the dosage? If the mother is taking the normal dosage, would the baby get too much?

Dr. Dreux: All homeopathic remedies pass from a nursing mother to her baby through the mother's milk. It's very common to give the mother the remedies according to the needs of the baby.

In the case of the preventative formula, the mother should take twice as much, that is, 6 globules, once a day, shortly before nursing. The medicine should always be dissolved slowly in the mouth, keeping it in contact with the mucous membranes for as long as possible.

Why twice as much? It's to be sure that there is good absorption by the baby. What about babies that are not nursing, but are drinking milk or baby formula? Can they take the remedy? Is it safe for them?

Dr. Dreux: Babies that are not nursing certainly can take the preventive formula. They can take 2 globules dissolved in a teaspoon of water. For newborns that are not nursing, you can give the medicine very carefully, dissolving one globule in a teaspoon of water. Take care to be very observant of any reaction or changes in behavior, because newborns are very delicate.

What I can assure you and as I clarified earlier, any reaction to the medicine will disappear on its own once you stop administering the medicine.

Note of interest from Here's a definition of the word preventive excerpted from American Heritage Talking Dictionary Copyright © 1997:

Preventing or slowing the course of an illness or a disease; prophylactic: preventive medicine; preventive health care.

As you can clearly see, the idea that a preventive medicine has to totally prevent something like a disease is not necessarily so. A preventive medicine can also act to attenuate the symptoms of a disease such as in the case of this homeopathic preventative remedy for dengue. Are there any instructions as to how homeopathic remedies should be taken?

Dr. Dreux: All homeopathic remedies should be taken by slowly dissolving the medicine in the mouth and letting it be in contact with the mucous membrane for the maximum amount of time possible, avoiding brushing your teeth or eating or drinking substances with a strong smell or taste, which hinder the absorption of the remedy. Is it dangerous for adults or children with asthma or allergies to take this remedy?

Dr. Dreux: In principle there are no contraindications, but if a case is very complicated, you should consult your personal homeopathic physician.

Dengue and the natural preventive treatment For how long should the preventive medicine for dengue be taken?

Dr. Dreux: Usually, here in Brazil, the epidemics last about two months; sometimes they last longer, or less time, depending on the rainfall. I recommed taking the remedy when the first cases occur. After 2 months, if the epidemic is still heavy, take it once or twice a week, since you’ve already been taking it for quite a while. Usually an epidemic doesn’t last longer than 3 months, with just sporadic cases after that.natural treatment dengue tylenol What about medicine to relieve the pain?

Dr. Dreux: Paracetamol (Tylenol) should not be taken when you have dengue, because the therapeutic dose is very close to a toxic dose when you have dengue. Paracetamol is toxic to the liver, and since the dengue virus causes transitory hepatitis, using Tylenol has caused sudden, severe, medicinally-induced hepatitis, which is believed to have caused some deaths. For fever and pain dipirona (Novalgina) may be used. Is there anything out of the ordinary about how dengue acted this year?

Dr. Dreux: Dengue is still a mysterious disease, and this summer it assumed forms we haven’t seen before, such as cases of intrauterine dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever in newborns.

Three months ago a pediatric colleague told me that dengue is very mild in children. This was before the first children died after having been sent home with a vague diagnosis of a virus. The doctors had never seen this super aggressive form of the dengue virus in children.

Other examples: A person whose only symptoms were moderate bleeding from the nose and gums went to the otolaryngologist. It turned out his platelet count was 3000, and he had to have a platelet transfusion. His life was saved because the otolaryngologist suspected dengue and ordered the blood tests. (A colleague told me about this case by phone.)

There was a case of a woman who was bleeding from the uterus and was being treated for hormonal dysfunction, when she actually had dengue. This woman herself told me about her case. She was cured in a few days with the homeopathic treatment we recommend, which her doctor prescribed. Do you have any other observations about dengue?

Dr. Dreux: In many cases spots appear, which develop in two ways:

1) They are read and itch intensely, for more than four days; this is the most uncomfortable symptom. Generally there is a low fever or none at all, and no vomiting or diarrhea. The platelets fall only a little and the patient improves. The dengue isn’t dengue hermorhhagic fever.

2) The spots quickly become little blisters or dark purple spots, called petechiae which are small crimson, purple, or livid spots, like flea-bites, due to extravasation of blood, which appear on the skin in malignant fevers, etc. (Source: Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1913). This is a sign of dengue hemorhhagic fever. In all cases the patient should go to the hospital, and can – and should – begin the homeopathic treatment right away. In some cases the platelet count will continue to fall for two or three more days, but never below 40,000. Continue with the treatment. It’s DHF.

In extreme cases, where the platelet count was 11,000 (in an elderly woman) and even 7,000 (a six-year old), I gave the homeopathic dengue treatment every two hours, alternating the three remedies, the preventive formula and the other two (PHOSPHORUS, 12 CH and CROTALUS, 12 CH) The treatment was successful, and these two hospitalized patients’ situations improved within 24 hours, and progressed to recovery.

Once the platelet count begins to rise, it doesn’t fall again. The homeopathic remedies we’ve been discussing here for dengue hemorrhagic fever should be taken until 24 hours after the platelet count has risen to 150,000 or more.

Many of the cases of dengue we saw this year were of the type with that causes rapid dehydration, nausea and vomiting, intense abdominal pain and diarrhea. Continue to take the preventive remedy, and these symptoms will improve in and average of six hours. Daily intervenous hydration at a hospital is absolutely essential.

There have been other cases where the patients had high fevers, dizziness and weakness, which indicate that the sickness can become the more serious type.

There were some cases of children and adults who were taking the preventive medicine for fewer than five days, and came down with a very mild case of dengue; they had good blood test results, which showed very little or no drop on platelet and leukocyte counts. Within 48 hours they were symptom-free and were released from the hospital or first aid station.

One man I treated had caught dengue for the second time, the first being in the summer of 2207, when he was much sicker. This time, he wasn’t even sick enough to miss work.

All the data I’ve mentioned here has been from my experience during this epidemic (2008) in Rio de Janeiro. Is it necessary to have a prescription from a homeopathic doctor in order to get this remedy in a homeopathic pharmacy?

Dra. Dreux: Theoretically, yes. I don’t know how it is in the United States, but here in Rio de Janeiro, almost all the homeopathic pharmacies have filled the requests for this remedy. The pharmacies here in Rio de Janeiro know how to get in touch with me. In other Brazilian states, such as Ceará, Sergipe, São Paulo and Bahia, there weren’t any problems, either, with my instructions.

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