A Natural Treatment for Dengue: Homeopathy Is an Effective Alternative!

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Natural treatment for dengue is an often overlooked, but very interesting option to consider.

This article, published in May, 1998, in the "Folha de Sao Paulo"(Brazil) newspaper is very informative for those seeking a natural remedy against dengue.

Contrary to what we’ve been told by allopathic medicine, it appears there is a treatment for dengue, and even, according to some, a possible preventive! Here’s our translation of the article, which was, of course, originally written in Portuguese.

(Please note that the subtitles are not from the original article. We added them for clarity’s sake.)

Homeopathy Fights Dengue!

While the aedes aegypti mosquito spreads dengue, and the nations' authorities are still trying to contain the epidemic, homeopathy is an efficient alternative for the treatment of the disease that, in some cases, can be fatal.

The State Department of Health has acknowledged that the homeopathic treatment is more efficient in combating symptoms of the disease, and is distributing instructions to doctors in the public health services about how to prescribe these homeopathic remedies.

After meetings with specialists from the Instituto Hahnemanniano do Brasil (IHB), one of the representatives of Brazilian homeopathy, a Coordinating Committee for the Program of Homeopathy of the State Department of Health elaborated a protocol for the treatment of dengue with homeopathic medicines. Simple and practical, the protocol makes it possible for even allopathic doctors to prescribe these remedies.

Homeopathic Remedy Alleviates Symptoms and Hastens Recovery, says State Health Department Official

According to the coordinator of the Homeopathic Program of the State Department of Health, Eliane dos Santos Garcia, it's still early to evaluate the results obtained by using homeopathy in the treatment of dengue.

"We are waiting for the notification forms to arrive to do a complete study. For now, all we can confirm is that the homeopathic remedies are really very efficient in alleviating the symptoms of the disease. Furthermore, the patients treated with homeopathy return to their normal activities more quickly," she says.

Eliane Garcia emphasizes that there isn't any medicine, allopathic or homeopathic, capable of preventing dengue. She reminds everyone that all suspected cases, confirmed or not, must be reported to the Department of Health.

Does Homeopathy Offer Natural Prevention of Dengue?

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The homeopathic doctor Fábio de Almeida Bolognani reminds us that since its beginnings, homeopathy has provided enormous contributions to humanity in cases of chronic diseases and in the fight against infectious/contagious epidemics. He cites the example of cholera, the plague that scourged Europe between 1831 and 1834, which was fought quite effectively through homeopathic treatment. "From then on, the first homeopathic hospitals came into existence and the teaching of this method of healing won world-wide fame", she says.

(Folha de São Paulo - Maio de 1998)

Natural Health Strategies' Comments:

According to the homeopathic doctor Renan Marino, the homeopathic formula has been the treatment of preference in Cuba, where it has been used on a large scale with excellent results.

“The pain, fever and other symptoms are reduced to two or three days. In other words, the patient is contagious for fewer days, diminishing the chain of transmission,” he explained. He also mentioned that the formula reduces the risk of hemorrhaging.

While there seem to be many homeopaths who agree on the effectiveness of the homeopathic treatment for dengue, there is a difference of opinion among homeopaths regarding the effectiveness of homeopathic prevention of dengue. Some believe that natural homeopathic remedies actually prevent those who take them from contracting dengue; some do not.

Since allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have nothing to offer as far as prevention or treatment, other than paracetamol (Tylenol) (please see this warning about using tylenol) or dipirona (Novalgina), it makes sense to seriously consider using these natural homeopathic remedies for prevention and treatment of dengue.

Having said the above, it is important to note that rehydration and blood testing are procedures that allopathic doctors are very good at and that are necessary in the case of treating a disease such as dengue. It’s a matter of working together for the good of the patient.

It is a great encouragement to me to know that there is a natural remedy that can, if not totally prevent dengue, at least attenuate the symptoms and make for a milder case of the disease.

I have not used homeopathic medicine up until now, but have decided to try this formula in light of all that I have read, and due to the lack of other natural alternatives. I’ve been taking it for about 3 weeks as of this writing.

So far, I am impressed with the seriousness of the homeopathic professionals and their humanity and concern for patients and the general population, as well as with the research that I have been able to read regarding success rates in the treatment of dengue.

Natural treatment of dengue and homeopathic prevention are valid options that homeopathy offers us. As we have said before, your best protection is to educate yourself and learn all you can so you can make wise decisions regarding your health and that of your family.

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