Papaya Leaf Juice Used for Dengue

by Sanjeev, Ashok Somani, Janaka, and Tiom

From Tricia of Natural Health

Several readers have written in to tell us and our other readers that papaya leaf juice is often given to dengue sufferers in their countries. We want to thank each of you for taking your time to share that with us. We’re compiling those comments here.

Sanjeev from Rampur U.P, India, was one of the first readers to suggest papaya leaf juice for dengue. “The tested medicine for dengue is papaya leaf juice, 2 teaspoons twice a day, with gloyey (ayurvedic medicine.)"

Ashok Somani from Bagalkot Karnatak, India, also suggests using papaya leaf to help dengue sufferers, and explains how to make it. Ashok writes: “When the dengue is serious and the blood platelet count is decreasing, take a leaf of a papaya tree and grind with water. Take this juice on an empty stomach.”

It’s interesting to note that papaya leaf juice seems to be a common natural help for dengue patients in at least several Eastern countries. Janaka from Sri Lanka also wrote mentioning papaya leaf juice for dengue. Here’s Janaka’s comment:

“Apart from many natural herbs which will increase one’s immunity, the juice of papaya leaves significantly increases the platelet levels, even with a few teaspoons. In my country it is standard medical practice even in hospitals, since they claim they have no treatment for this disease!”

And Tiom tells us a bit about how to prepare the juice:

"Take leaves of a papaya tree. Wash properly, grind, and squeeze the juice into a bowl or a glass. Drink a glass or two every day for at least 4 days (minimum) apart from other fruit juices. Remember, it’s not the fruit, but the leaves of papaya. (FYI it tastes terrible!)"

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