Psychotropic Drugs: Psychiatry's Prescription for Violence?

Psychotropic drugs are being used by out-of-control psychiatric doctors on children and youth with disastrous results. If you love children, watch this video.

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Definition of Psychotropic drug:

Any drug capable of affecting the mind, emotions, and behavior. Some legal drugs, such as lithium for depression, are psychotropic. Many illicit drugs, such as cocaine, are also psychotropic. Also called a psychodynamic drug. From the Greek psycho-, the mind + trop, a turning = (capable of) turning the mind.

CCHR has done some outstanding work in trying to protect our children from out-of-control psychiatric doctors who assault children with chemicals.

The question that begs to be asked here is: Who is responsible for these deaths? Are the pharmaceutical companies taking responsibility? Is it the parents' responsibility to refuse these drugs, if they feel they should?

To be able to change this tragic situation and be prepared to make wise decisions, we need to educate ourselves and find the information necessary to make informed choices.

Don't wait till the pharmaceutical companies become willing to let go of some of their profits in order to put the well-being of the population first.

Don't wait until your government moves to protect you. That may not happen soon enough to save you or someone in your family from being drugged needlessly.

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