Vitamin C Versus Disease

Dr. Tomas Levy's presentation to the 35th Annual Cancer Convention

Vitamin C is Dr. Tom Levy's specialty. After many years of research and practical application, he has a wealth of information and knowledge to offer those who are suffering degenerative disease, autoimmune disease, or any other kind of toxicity.

This video, although taken from a congress of health care professionals, offer essential information to the layperson as well. If you are battling cancer, dental toxicity, autoimmune diseases, etc., please take the time to watch and absorb this information.

Vitamin C antidote too ALL known toxins

In this video, Dr. Levy speaks to fellow medical doctors about the history of vitamin C as well as the practical application of the theory of electron flow and how vitamin C and antioxidants effect health and healing. Even though this talk if directed to medical professionals, he has a simple and crystal clear way of explaining complicated reactions.

This understanding can be invaluable for the layperson, especially when dealing with an acute or chronic disease. Having an understanding of how the body works and disease is effecting the body and what you can do about it may save your life or that of your loved one.

As incredibly simplistic as it may sound, all toxicity, all disease, chronic and degenerative disease, all infectious diseases, ultimately induce their negative effects, their symptomology, their ultimate degrading effects in the tissues through pro-oxidant mechanisms.

In other words, it doesn't matter if you're being poisoned with mercury, poisoned with pesticides, if you have a Clostridium infection and your getting the toxins and infectious process there. Ultimately the negative effects in the tissues and the symptomologoy is mediated by pro-oxidation, which means electron robbery, the taking of electrons out of your tissues.

And the more complete and rapid this electron theft is, the sicker you are and the more symptomatic you are. Conversely, the more that you can supply a fresh flow of electrons in large number and large rate of flow, the more quickly you'll become less symptomatic or asymptomatic.

-Thomas Levy, M.D., JD.

Learn more about Dr. Levy and the power of vitamin C

You can learn more about Dr. Levy at his website: serves as an educational platform supplying the evidence and validation supporting the assertion that very many people face substantial, and even overwhelming, toxicity. For very many people, toxins from dental sources are their biggest long-term immune challenges. Root canals, mercury fillings, cavitations, dental implants, periodontal disease, toxic dental materials, and infected teeth are often the source of enormous toxicity. If this toxicity remains unaddressed, even the people who do a large number of positive things to promote good health will remain frustrated and sick. seeks to educate everyone on the health-restoring options that could reduce dental toxicity and make a major contribution to overall health, longevity and quality of life.

-taken from Dr. Tom Levy's home page.

Do you eat "enriched" foods such as corn flakes? If so, you're not alone. Millions of people do. Before you eat your next bowl of "enriched" corn flakes you'll want to watch Dr. Levy's video dramatically showing metallic iron filings found in such foods.

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